5 Traits from the KING of the jungle can help in chanpioning YOU

We all dream to be successful and famous. Millions of sports players aspire to be a champion and win all possible medals, trophies and reach the pinnacle of the sporting world. But hardly a handful of them ever get to reach such great heights. Their skills are so smooth and powerful that they seem to be gifted. It is not the naturally gained gifts that help them always to win; there is hard work, perseverance and sheer endurance that they go through at so many levels. Ever wondered what kind of qualities can make you a champion? 

Below are the 5 traits from the “KING” of the jungle which can help you achieve consistent success:

1. Strong Mindset – Lions are not born with immense strength; they build it over time. Once a lion is confident about its strength they never stop until they overpower their prey and achieve their goal. Mind is like an empty memory card, whatever you fill it with, it reflects the same.  

    Lesson – Identify your key strengths and weaknesses. Gather immense confidence in your strengths and build a game plan around it.

2. Bravery – Lion does not care whether his prey/opponent is big, small, or powerful, it attacks with agility and super confidence. Lion knows its abilities and is ready to take up any challenge which is thrown at it. 

    Lesson – Once you are confident in your abilities, you must take a leap on faith. Bravery is not a known act; it is a jump to an unknown space.

Quote “A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t

3. Behaviour – In order to be supreme among its pride a lion always maintains its behaviour like a King. Ever heard why a lion is called majestic? It is the glorious presence which the lion carries and a strong vibe that reflects in its aura. 

    Lesson – People perceive you with what they see. They build an image about you in their minds based on what you decide to show them. You receive responses and reactions based on your behaviour. 

4. Attitude – Lion is not the strongest, tallest, fastest, or smartest animal in the jungle. Yet, it is considered as the “KING” of the jungle. Lion carries the pride in his heart to be the best amongst the community. Lion is majestic and once it decides to conquer it will not rest until it does. Thus gains immense respect from its subordinates. 

    Lesson – Though you may have certain disabilities in your physic or abilities it is the attitude which can set everything right. It is important to understand people respect you and you respect them back. Carrying the right attitude is the significant attribute of a successful person

5. Belief They say that when a lion hunts, it fails 7 out of 10 times. Every time a lion fails to catch its prey, the lion tries again and again because the goal is to achieve a target irrespective of the number of failures. 

    Lesson – Belief is the key. Belief works like a switch to the controlling capacities in us. Once you a are aware of your abilities, start commanding your actions towards making things possible.

Integrate these qualities of a Lion in yourself and your game will be golden. To know more about setting smaller milestones to achieve bigger goals, drop me a message or a query and I will assist you in your perseverance.

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