I am Mohit Kamat.

Personal Coaching

1 on 1 coaching, customized training program, multiple options, Individual Skill Development. A tailored approach to hone and progress rapidly in your game

Game Analytics

Reflection is the most important way to self-learn and progress. Player’s game type, strengths and key area of development vary every time they participate in tournaments. A deep analysis (online or offline) of your matches can shed light on your existing form. Working on these can elevate your standards and learn to implement new tactics and strategies.

Master Class

Perfecting a specific skill or technique require focused attention in a session. Customised training enables players to achieve their target and sharpen their on-court Badminton skills. Whether it is powerful smashes or an unbreakable defence, or any technique to improve. Master Class provide special training from the experts. Make your own team or be part of an existing focus group and avail packages in 2,3 or 4 sessions.

High Performance Academy

Long Term player Development program is aimed to create positive and right experience for a player to attain physical literacy for life. In the early stages of development this program builds fundamentals on movement skills, neural coordination, and sport specific skills like grip techniques, footwork & connecting shuttles from the basics. Although training modules differs from ages and stages, the focus is on learning every single technique by smart training sessions spread over a period. At every stage of progression from start to podium finish, myself and my team will constantly monitor, mentor, and guide the player. The complimentary effect of LTPD program results in psychological, physical, and personal well-being.

Player Triangle

Parents, coaches, and support staff become the three hands of an athlete triangle; this is the key for a player’s success. Each of us play a significant role in the development of the player, but the timing is crucial. I believe in building a cordial relationship with all of them to maintain and instil a sense of belonging as a family.

Institutional Coaching

We also provide Coaching services to Schools, Colleges and Corporate Institutions.