4 Steps to achieve great concentration

During the BWF Slovenia International 2012 tournament, I was leading with a score 19-18 at the first game against the World No 50 player, Andrew Smith. It was my first BWF European circuit tournament & I was ecstatic to see myself in the finals. When I received the shuttle and stood at the service position, my mind started jumping to thoughts like once I win should I jump with joy? Should I throw my racket up and howl or what could be the appropriate reaction to make? All sorts of thoughts popped up in my mind overwhelming me about the outcome of the match. With more information popping up I got confused and lost my focus for a patch. No wonder, I lost the game at 21-19 & further the match. It was the best opportunity for me that could have transformed my sporting career. 

Now, I am sure this might have happened to you as a player as to where you are in the right situation, at winning positions and then things just slip out in a matter of seconds. Let us reflect and analyse the above situation.

Game Analysis: 

Until the score 19-16, my body and mind responded in the right way and everything worked in my favour. The moment thoughts popped up, I was distracted. The focus-flow was derailed.

As I was distracted I lost concentration naturally, my confidence level decreased and my ability to concretize my action plans was diluted. Once doubt arose I automatically slipped to defence and my opponent didn’t wait for a sec to finish me. Concentration is the ability to keep your awareness for a prolonged time. 

The greater the awareness the better the control” (quote)

Here are 4 steps for you to develop FOCUS and CONCENTRATION 

Step 1: Awareness 

Be Aware of your surroundings, aware of your breathing, aware of all the things visible to us. This certainly allows you to be conscious of what is happening around you so that you can decide better.

Step 2 – Anchor your attention on 1 action 

Once you make the decision, keep your attention deep into your actions. Learn to bring your attention consciously to one thing. If you get distracted, persist in focusing on the same task. Pull back your attention to the same task. It seems tedious but it is necessary. 

Step 3 – keep ascending the span of focus slowly

Once you master the art of refocusing your attention, learn to increase the span of your focus. If you can do a task without distraction for 20 secs then strive to do it in 25 secs, then 30 secs, then 1 minute and so on. Increase every time you know if you can do it better.


This is the final and most important step to develop concentration over time. None of the champions who have achieved in the past could succeed without practising. Champions practice to be better each time. This is how you do it.

Concentration is a skill which you can develop and master overtime” quote

To know more about setting smaller milestones to achieve bigger goals, drop me a message or a query and I will assist you in your perseverance. 

Now get going. Good luck.

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